The essentials of Home Entertainment in 2021

There has never been as great a time as 2021 for keeping yourself entertained and occupied at home as COVID-19 has confined many of us to our homes. Now, more than ever, boredom-proofing one’s living space is essential. There are countless ways to do this with technology — streaming movies and shows, video games, watching blu-rays, and of course, the internet.

The only real downside to having so many options is just that — there are almost too many choices. There are hundreds of streaming apps —Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Youtube TV, Crackle, etc. — whichever app you choose, we can help ensure that you have a set-up capable of keeping you entertained for thousands of hours. With all that being said, what equipment do you need to have a complete home media experience in 2021?

To start with, you need a streaming device capable of 4K video, equipped with either a TV or projector capable of displaying 4K resolution. For many people, this is Roku, Amazon Firestick, or Apple TV. These are devices that allow you to use a vast array of streaming apps. Some TVs may come equipped with these features, others require you to plug one in. The latest game systems are also capable of streaming 4K. Not all media is released for streaming in 4K, but the number of shows and movies that utilize 4K streaming is increasing as the technology becomes more prevalent in homes. For more information on 4K, you can check out our blog explaining the various resolutions here.

You have your screen and you have your apps to watch things, but you also need to be able to hear your media. Sure, you can use the TV speakers, but this offers you the lowest quality of sound and will prevent you from truly being immersed in the viewing experience. We recommend a full surround sound set-up, but if you don’t want to see speaker towers or don’t have a space that suits them, a quality soundbar and subwoofer can be an acceptable substitution. BGHE also offers the option to surface mount low-profile speakers or install them in your existing walls or ceiling, keeping the device footprint to a minimum.
Suppose you want to connect a blu-ray player, Roku, and a gaming system. You could run three different HDMI cables to the TV, but things could be simpler. With an Audio/Video receiver, you could have a central hub for all of your media and audio, simplifying your experience. Throw in a programmable universal remote control, and suddenly your set-up becomes much more stream-lined and simple.

Even with all of these amenities, you’re still going to miss out without one key component — a strong, secure home network.

To get internet in your home, you’ll need an internet service provider (ISP). Once that service has entered your home, BGHE can help you get the most out of it with our network solutions that optimize the service for your home or business. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a router that can connect to and service all of your devices. Depending on the size and requirements of your network, other components, such as a network switch or wireless access point, may be necessary. Your project manager will be able to review your options to help ensure that a constantly connected, efficient network keeps your house operating at peak performance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine what upgrades BGHE can make to your home or business.


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