NEC Code Changes Are Coming!

Over the past decade (2009 – current), Building Inspectors are seeing more and more low voltage wiring due to the increase in smart, energy efficient and interactive products being installed in the modern home and businesses. To ensure the wiring will meet and or exceeds these rapidly changing needs, here are a few changes that are being pushed but soon will be required.

This is formally code TIA-570-d (2020). Here are the new changes:

  • Single node fiber, Category 6 or higher and RG-6 cable at the Demarcation Disconnection point (a.k.a. – DD or demarc) of the property (where the inside wiring and service/ outside meet).
  • Category 5e or higher & RG-6 ran to all TVs to an inside Auxiliary Distribution (a.k.a. – AD) area.
  • All low voltage wires are not allowed to exceed 48 volts.
  • All wires must be ran in separate holes and a minimum of 8″ or more away from high voltage wires (unless ran perpendicular).
  • All wires are to be labeled/ stamped by the manufacturer & certified prior to dry wall and insulation.

At Blue Grass Home Entertainment, our professional technicians are continually trained to stay ahead of new building codes and technology updates as the industry is constantly evolving into the future. That is why it’s best to have a dedicated contractor work on your new construction or existing remodel.  At the time of this article, BGHE has the only certified Certified Infrastructure Technician (CIT) & Electronics System Technician (EST) on staff in Kentucky.  Please email if you have any questions or need help with your ‘Future Smart Wiring.’




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