Golf from Home

The temperature is warming up and The Masters are just around the (Amen) corner. Still, finding time to hit the socially-distanced links can be tough and a bit of a hassle. For an easier process, consider a Blue Grass Home Entertainment (BGHE) golf simulator.

There are several factors to take into account as you install a simulator in your home. Much like a home theater, golf simulators need a dedicated space. At the bare minimum, you’ll need 10 feet of width, 16 feet of depth, and 9.5’ tall ceilings to accommodate your simulator and the padding that goes with it. Those dimensions may require you to make some modifications, including newly-built, padded walls to act as barriers. Sound may also be a problem. You may want to ensure you have a space that is insulated to dampen the sounds that come from striking a golf ball in an enclosed space. That thwack you hear when the club makes contact with the ball can not only reverberate around the immediate area, but spread into other places in the home.

Lighting is also critical. You need enough light so that the custom-built computer can properly take in data and give you the most accurate shot-feedback possible. If you’re installing in a room with plenty of natural light, you may not need much assistance; however, basement simulators may require smart lighting solutions to ensure optimum conditions.

Our simulators offer three ways to play, giving you the versatility to play your way. If you want to play a round, our simulators come programmed with 120,000 different courses to play on from around the world. Need to relieve stress? Try out the range mode, which allows you to freely hit the ball. Or, if you’re looking to better your game, try out the golf improvement software to iron out the kinks in your game. There’s also a club fitting program to help you find the right clubs to improve your game.

BGHE golf simulators start as low as $7,500, but are entirely dependent on your needs and desires. Some extensive installations may reach the $20-30,000 range. Our in-store model, shown here, would be roughly $22,000 to install. Just as the cost is variable, so too is the amount of time required for installation. How you choose to build out the room, and the customizations you choose to add on for a more professional look, are where the cost and time to install can begin to add up.
Whether you’re ready to purchase a golf simulator for your home, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, come by or schedule an appointment for the BGHE showroom and take a few shots on our in-store simulator to try before you buy.


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