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5 In-Demand Features You Need To Design the Lexington Home Theater

In decades past, a home theater installation was the ultimate sign of wealth and prestige. And while you can still find luxury home entertainment systems in some of the country’s biggest mansions, recent technological advances have brought these popular systems to the middle class as well. Now, designing an affordable home theater without breaking your budget is totally possible.

Besides the lower cost, there’s another reason so many people are finally buying the best home theater Lexington has to offer in 2016. The Internet has changed the way so many of us experience entertainment. In addition to going out to the movies, many of us also enjoy watching the latest movies on-demand through streaming services like Netflix. Plus, with a renaissance in television programming, binge watching has become a national phenomenon.

TV has become a social event, too. In one survey of binge watchers, more than half of respondents (51%) said they like to binge watch with other people. Every day, millions of Americans stream TV and movies online, which is why 30% of all Internet traffic during peak hours comes from people using Netflix. As of 2010, the last year data was available, sales of these kinds of home-theater-in-a-box systems amounted to $750 million a year. No doubt that number has increased sharply since then, and our own Lexington home theater installations have been more popular than ever. In total, an estimated 12 million home theater systems will be installed in 2016.

So what does it take to build the kind of home theater Lexington, KY residents can be proud of?

  1. Comfortable Home Theater Seating: You can’t enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home without the best home theater seating available. Choose from recliners, movie theater-style seating, or a number of other comfortable options.
  2. The Ultimate Screen: If size matters to you, then a home projector is probably your best bet. However, you can also design the best home theater Lexington has ever seen around your existing flat screen TV.
  3. All About the Bass: In addition to the latest video equipment, surround sound systems create a genuine movie theater experience.
  4. The Right Walls: While some people design a home theater installation in a basement or custom-designed room, others use dark paint or heavy curtains to block light from the outside. Lighter paints reflect light, but darker hues and light-blocking curtains create that perfect theater environment.
  5. A Universal Remote: Until recently, a Lexington home theater meant having to become an expert at using five different remotes at once. Now, our home automation systems can consolidate all your home entertainment systems into one easy-to-use universal remote.

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